Weekend Writing Warriors  (Sunday 2 October 2016): The Clone’s Complaint (character interview)

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The wind gusts and the windows creak. Good to be inside on such a night. That weather’s periphery, but I like to lean back into my cushions and pay it mind, even as I’m absorbed in the story. Here the domestic enclosure is like a ship abroad on the depths of the Inland Sea, far from shore, or on the limitless vastness of the True Ocean. 

Martisset’s face glows in the flicker of the story; Chaika whirls through another fight-and-dance (hard to tell the difference), like old-fashioned sword-dancing only with a far more modern accompaniment. Light glitters on her sword, when that blade isn’t light itself. 

Martisset doesn’t even say what she might on another occasion: silly to bring aboard a spaceship a weapon that could cut through the hull. Of course she knows shipbuilding, has grown up around it, but for once she’s enchanted too.


A tale told in light, on dark and windy evening. Character interview for NaNoWriMo 2016 project The Clone’s Complaint. 

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4 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors  (Sunday 2 October 2016): The Clone’s Complaint (character interview)

  1. Diane Burton says:

    A tale that mesmerizes the listener holds the reader in thrall. Good snippet.

  2. Very atmospheric, I like it!

  3. The enchantment seems clear.

  4. Always beautiful to read one of your snippets and spend a moment inside the world you’ve built for the characters. I want to stay longer!

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