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Goals: Sick Days

In Kris Rusch’s Freelancer’s Survival Guide, there’s a great guideline for when to take sick days. If your Toughest Boss Ever would have said, “Go home, you’re sick,” then take the day. Well, my Toughest Boss Ever is me. I … Continue reading

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Goals, midweek check-in

This weekend I spent at work on my writing website (look at the lovely new menus above this post! *preens*) At time of writing, there are over 450 posts on this blog, fortunately well tagged. Nonethless, it took some time … Continue reading

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Muse of Research Writer Interview #1 (short version) up now! Writer Tech news! and more!

The first of the Muse of Research interviews, with Lev Mirov (@thelionmachine on Twitter), has been published on the Skiffy and Fanty Show. Go check it out! This is the short version, 1000 words or so. An extended version will … Continue reading

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Goals: The backward glance and the road ahead! With extra awesome!

This month I had to adjust a couple of timelines, particularly the ones for beta reading. I had hoped to get a nonfiction project and a novel to beta readers for 1 March, which did not work out. That timeline … Continue reading

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Goals: Lost Pissarro to be released Monday & cover reveal for nonfiction project

Upcoming fiction release on February 2 On Monday 2 February 2015 The Lost Pissarro will be available for purchase. Yes, timeline got bumped, due to technical issues. Nonfiction project will be released to beta readers on March 1 Those of … Continue reading

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Goals: 2014 round-up, 2015 goals

It’s a bright clear bitterly cold Minnesota afternoon as I write this. I’m reading the round-ups for 2014 from colleagues around the world. As usual I accomplished both less and more than I set out to.

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NaNoFeed: Workaholism, sustainability, and toxic standards

For the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of sleeping. During the day I’ve had very little energy, and have been spending quality time on my couch, reading novels and exploring new reaches on Twitter. I have … Continue reading

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