Frantic update: Max and the Ghost, Team Human review, CONvergence roundup

I’ve been more than busy, with the horrible feeling of getting nothing done. Max and the Ghost has been in editing mode for almost a month now, and is now scheduled for release in mid-August. I’ll be featuring excerpts this month in Six Sentence Sunday. Next in line after that is Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues. After negotiation with the folks at Glass Knife Press, it’s looking like monthly releases for a while. Beginnings are strange and sticky things.

I did a second reading of Team Human, and learned a lot about the way I read. Pass one, I’m greedy for plot: what happens? what’s lurking behind that door? whodunit? Pass two, I read for relationships. Who are these people, and what are their history, and do I believe in them? The short of it is that on pass two, I’m in love. This book is the ultimate corrective to the befuddled fever-dream that is Twilight. The co-authors stand on opposite sides of the Vampire Question, which makes for an interesting tension in the story.  So: five stars out of five, and I’m deeply envious. I wrote Erika and the Vampire as straight horror, but now I’m envying the authors of Team Human their horror-comedy-angst chops, even as I recommend their brainchild to everybody I know.

CONvergence was loads of fun. High points included the Diversity in Steampunk panel as well as confirmation from the fight scenes panel that I’d gotten it right in my fight-scene-in-a-bog. I’m reading two writers I met at the con: Michael Merriam and Shannon Ryan. More on both of them in upcoming posts.

Beta work on Necromancer and Barbarian proceeds apace. Even as my readers ask me questions, react to language and imagery, and suggest edits, I’m falling in love all over again. This project is worth it: worth my betas’ time and energy, worth the effort of a full re-write, worth the expense of a professional editor and a professional copy-editor.

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