NaNoFeed: shooting for the moon, landing in the stars

So once more I set myself the Lost Weekend NaNo Challenge (50K in a long weekend) and once more I “failed.” I’m hanging at 21,961 words now, which is to say a little less than halfway to 50,000 words (43.922%, to be exact). Over four days, I’ve averaged about 5000 words a day, more or less painlessly.

Well, painlessly, if you leave aside the killer head cold and the sense that I’m slacking like a demon.

Setting impossible goals makes ambitious ones feel reasonable.

And now, to bed.

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2 Responses to NaNoFeed: shooting for the moon, landing in the stars

  1. Jean Lamb says:

    Good for you. I must admit, I’m jealous that someone has a whole weekend to write in…but I still have a smidge over 10k done, which is not bad for a family and day job…

    Congratulations, though!

    • epbeaumont says:

      Oh, it was a fight getting a day off (and not least a fight with myself, hence our theme of workaholism). Each year we find a different challenge. I think this year is about being sustainable.

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