NaNoFeed: 25K at the end of day five

I missed the first few days of blogging, but I’ll be writing daily from here on. Tonight I did a write-in by g-chat, from the comfort of my own kitchen nook, with the first snow of the season spitting out of the sky outside.

I hit 25,000 words in the middle of our third bout. No question in my mind but that this novel will be longer than 50,000 words, but I’m still hoping to finish it on the writing tour this weekend. And then… on to outline the book 1 and book 3 of the trilogy.

Write book 2 first; it’s the keystone. Then work forward and back. Book 1 is living in the character interviews, and I can feel its shape looming in the fog. It’s a noirish coming-of-age story set at a starship academy. Book 3 is a caper, in which my villains are going to get theirs.

I used to laugh at people with trilogies. No more. But at least now I know why this story’s proliferating plot threads defeated me when I was 17.

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