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NaNoFeed: shooting for the moon, landing in the stars

So once more I set myself the Lost Weekend NaNo Challenge (50K in a long weekend) and once more I “failed.” I’m hanging at 21,961 words now, which is to say a little less than halfway to 50,000 words (43.922%, … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 3 November 2013 (Inside the Jump)

“By the Fourth Prime,” the Ship’s Voice said, “that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Implosively weird. A walking hull-breach.” Jehen startled at Yasmin’s profanities. Not her usual style at all. And yes, it was weird. Genubi would make … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: Correction, it’s blue-collar multicultural space opera

Writing the closing bout of our NaNo Day 1 with the inimitable Devin Harnois at our traditional location. And it’s blue-collar multicultural space opera I’m writing, witness the following excerpt (Jehen is one of the Captains of a cybernetic starship). … Continue reading

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NaNoFeed: day one dawns a little late

This year, I am setting out to do the Lost Weekend (12,500 words a day in four days) and combine it with a fitness challenge (12,500 steps a day). Ambitious. And I’m already behind, at least on the exercise part. … Continue reading

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