Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 3 August 2014 (WIP: Leonie Hallward)

Mabel Dodge is a sort of eclectic Mme de Stael, who brings together a various society. One of the daughters of my host’s house, a vivacious beauty of surprisingly advanced views, promised me an evening there. 

“Papa,” she confided, “is something of a fogey and his taste in art is rather old-fashioned.”

At my raised eyebrow, she added hastily, “With all due respect to your late uncle, I’m sure.”

She took my arm as we went upstairs to the drawing-room, all roses and satin, her costume contrasting rather dramatically with her pirate’s wink. “It will be good fun,” she said, as if I were her own captured pirate queen, and she an apprentice corsair. 

“I hear that you’re a painter yourself,” she said, “So you must come to Mabel Dodge’s soiree.” 

Thus I received my invitation to the gatehouse of Bohemia.


POV Leonie Hallward, niece of the painter Basil Hallward from Oscar Wilde’s Portrait of Dorian Gray. From novel-in-progress, Leonie Hallward and the Secession of Greenwich Village. 

Weekend Writing Warriors offers eight-sentence excerpts from a variety of writers; see the other excerpts here.


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2 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 3 August 2014 (WIP: Leonie Hallward)

  1. Very vivacious character indeed! I was a little confused (why is she apologizing about the late uncle?) but I’m sure that’s because we’re reading snippets…”pirate’s wink” is an amusing mental picture, especially if she’s in an elegant gown. Fun excerpt!

  2. As always I enjoy your writing.

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