Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 10 August 2014 (Published Works sampler)

Terence has a new inamorata. 

I’ve told him time after time that this never works out.  (In the Laboratory of the Night)


Erika knew when her mother had come in from patrol. From ancient habit, she woke at each of the hinges of the night, and then at moonset.  (Erika and the Vampire)


The sun glittered on the Mississippi River, washed the old Stone Arch railroad bridge in golden light, and lit the riverbank foliage to lamps. Radiance caught in the topmost treetops and Anton swept all of it up and claimed it in a single gesture. (Max and the Ghost)


Once upon a time on the Original World, there was an old man who traded one eye for wisdom.

The story is ancient; it came with us on the journey-ships, and traversed the Original Jump. (Tales from the Inhabited Worlds)


The opening two lines of each of my four published works to date. The next time I do one of these, I will have eight published works. Hopefully that will be some time before the end of the year!

Weekend Writing Warriors offers eight-sentence excerpts from a variety of writers; see the other excerpts here.

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