Cover Reveal: The Lost Pissarro (forthcoming publication this week!)

Last night, finished the semi-final edits on The Lost Pissarro and commended my brainchild to the final reader (QA and continuity). This story, currently at 28,000 words, will be published some time this week!

2014-11-26 LostPissarro-v1-9 5x8 CoverThe Lost Pissarro: A Tale of the Great Change

In a New York where unicorns and werewolves roam Central Park, struggling painter L. A. (Angie) Stavros thinks that she’s found a gig as an art forger. Instead, she’s become a conduit for lost paintings to come back to life, and that’s just the beginning of the complications.

You can read excerpts from the first-draft version here on this blog. It’s a magic-realist exploration of identity and authenticity, rooted in art history and the craft of the art forger.

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