Weekend Writing Warriors: Sunday 17 July 2016 (character interview for The Clone’s Complaint)

Each Sunday, Weekend Writing Warriors offers a selection of eight-sentence excerpts from writers in multiple genres and forms. Check out the full roster here.


I fancied one or two of the Shipwright’s Apprentices when I was in my teens; those handsome long-haired folk from South Continent were less than a decade my senior. Of course I was just one of the children of the house, no one to notice particularly. 

Ironically enough, the household of the Master of the Yard was the one place where no one remarked ritually on my resemblance to the Great Shipwright, even though her portrait stood on the craft-altar in the assembly-room, part of the shimmering curtain of holo-ghosts overlooking the affairs of their mortal descent.

if only I’d known the difference between this house and Temn’s villa … 

If only I’d known what I know now, but I wouldn’t have learned that outside of Temn’s circle. We might bend space and time, but we can’t bend the timeline back on itself. I can’t arrive as a spy from the future with news of disaster.

Just as well, or I’d muck up the very fabric of reality – all for love and temporal continuity well lost.

It’s far too late for Phila, and nearly that late for me.


The house where things were different. From character interviews for upcoming project, The Clone’s Complaint (NaNo 2016).

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