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Publication announcement! and a birthday party! and the NaNoPanel!

Sunday 1 July was the first anniversary of this blog. Coincidentally, it’s also the birthday of my patron saint, George Sand. I would have done a nice thoughtful backward-glance post, except that I was caught up in the press of … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 1 July 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

Erika stared–no, you couldn’t stare down one of those, but she wouldn’t look away. “If you can’t run, then make them think the fight’s not worth it.” And her mother would reproach her for finding herself in stupid danger, but … Continue reading

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Genre Trouble: Twilight and the New Vampire Story

The good news about being a professional writer is that all sorts of oddball things become tax deductible: book purchases (market research), movie tickets (review essays), office supplies, the new computer (equipment). The bad news: I have to read books … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 24 June 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

The football players made faces at Erika and her friends, but didn’t say anything. A good day, when they didn’t say anything, when fag and freak and the n-word didn’t follow them like the greasy wash of a barge leaking … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 17 June 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

They were at the hole with post-earthquake highway, and Erika stood on the higher level, and tapped the ball lightly with her club. You had to hit it just so, and it would jump, and then ricochet off the upturned … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 10 June 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

In the blue hour before full darkness and curfew, Annabelle and her current boyfriend and his friend walked along the path to the miniature golf course, under colored lights on strings like a Christmas-tree lot; the plaster creatures and landscape … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday, 3 June 2012 (Erika and the Vampire)

“We saw it and then we got called away.”  What she didn’t say: “You be careful. Night’s no time to be out.” Erika had overheard enough about those burnings, and they were girls her age, sometimes boys but more often … Continue reading

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