Six Sentence Sunday, 7 August 2011 (Erika and the Vampire)

Erika knew who they were, Zack’s band, as if they weren’t totally blatant about it, with a name like Vlad and the Impalers. Vampire rock, with a lead singer named Drakul aka Drake, who used to be Zack. The drummer, Carmilla, used to be a pale little nobody named Cathy. Then there was Igor, the keyboardist, whose acne had cleared up once he became a vamp. They were newly initiated so they could still (sort of) pass for human, with lots of sunscreen and dark glasses and heavy veils and long black coats, the look of drug addicts or the acutely sun-sensitive. They could hide among the crowds of wannabes, the kids who hated the Church of the New Day enough to defy it… or anyway to offend the bland grownups who mealymouthed their way around what really was going on.

Erika’s story takes place in the same universe as The Shape-shifter’s Tale.

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27 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday, 7 August 2011 (Erika and the Vampire)

  1. gayleramage says:

    lol, at first I thought the band members were just goth, vampire-wannabes, but it’s interesting to know that they are in fact real vampires. Intriguing snippet!

  2. Interesting six, makes me want to read more. Nice beginning to some world building too.

  3. Shery Gloag says:

    Wow the contempt in this piece is amazing. I wonder what will happen to the narrator?

  4. Laura Kaye says:

    I had same thought as Gayle! Cool to know they’re real vamps playing as vamps!

  5. Piper says:

    That was rich. I enjoyed the play on words. There’s no better way to hide than in plain sight. Fantastic six!

  6. Alix says:

    Great six! I loved the description and the images you create.

  7. lizculver says:

    Loved the description and the contrast from their former selves to their vampire selves. great six!

  8. Oh – am too intrigued. I need to know more.

  9. sassyspeaks says:

    hide among the wannabes – so true – and the mealymouth comment – perfect

  10. mirriamsmyth says:

    Her contempt is amazing, not subtle at all. Nicely done!

  11. Sharita Lira says:

    Great six. I love vampire stories

  12. Suitably creepy. But had to lol at the acne clearing up!

  13. Lindsay says:

    Great world building.

  14. Nice! I wonder which side the narrator is on? Good job 🙂

  15. Monica Enderle Pierce says:

    Fantastic voice and word choice. ‘Mealy-mouthed’ packs a terrific punch!

  16. Cate Masters says:

    Love her voice too. Great descriptions of before and after they “joined the band”

  17. Vivien Dean says:

    Great narrator voice. So much conveyed in such a short span.

  18. Cara Bristol says:

    Conveyed a lot of info in your six. Intriguing, interesting read. Enjoyable.

  19. Bree Younger says:

    Great set-up and description.

  20. caseamajor says:

    I agree with Monica “mealy-mouthed” is a power punch at the end of the six. Her distate for both sides makes me wonder where her loyalties lie. Thought provoking. Nicely done.

  21. Sonya Clark says:

    Wannabes who actually got to be what they wanted, is the impression I got from this. Great six!

  22. Lani Rhea says:

    Very nice! I loved your six!

  23. “…mealymouthed their way around …” Great and original use of language! I love the description of the band members too. I could see them all. Makes me wonder if other heavy metal bands contain vampires.

  24. Eleri Stone says:

    More than anything, this makes me really curious about the world you’ve created…lots of interesting little hints in there. Looking forward to reading more.

  25. pippajay says:

    Love how the vampires in this word don’t go for subtlety, lol.

  26. I still love the band name – Vlad and the Impalers. 🙂

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